Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Studio Tour

OK, I tried to post this for a while yesterday, but for some reason it was not working. So here it is once and for all. If it doesn't work now, I just give up.
Yesterday I did quite a bit or organizing and cleaning and such in the studio. The morning, though, was spent messing with the new kiln. I had to adjust the lid so it sits flat on the kiln; just loosen a few screws, slide up the hinge bracket and you are done. Sounds simple, right? Close to two hours of frustration says otherwise. After trying in vain to adjust the lid, researching how to adjust the lid and again trying in vain to adjust the lid I finally called L&L. Yes, I probably should have done this much sooner, but oh well. As it turns out (as I suspected, actually) it was the tension in the spring in the hinge that was preventing me from adjusting the lid. With this new knowledge it was a mere 15 minutes to get everything worked out.
So here is a brief tour of the newly organized and cleaned studio.

Work table, wheel, extra/trimming wheel, new kiln

Kiln (again, with flat lid and re-routed vent piping), new work table with canvas and wedging block

Kiln (yet again), new work table (again), new shelves (already full of junk)

New shelves (again, still full of junk)

Now if I can just get in there to make some new work.


  1. Looking good. I can only hope to be so organized one day. I also have the same problem with my L & L lid and will have to make the adjustments. Usually forget until it's firing :)