Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let's Table This For Now...

Good, productive studio day today. I got stuff moved around, cleaned up and, AND I got a new work table put together. It is a sizable 5ft long by 32 inches deep; a nice big work space. I was toying with the idea of putting a slab of sheet rock on top of it to get that whole moisture absorption thing going on, but that would add a lot of weight and is not all together necessary. I do still need to cover it with canvas though, so I guess that is on the agenda for this week.

Also on the agenda for this week is the building of a new set of shelves. I only have one small set of plastic shelves at the moment. They fill up pretty quickly and I always run out of shelf space before I have a full kiln load. This problem will undoubtedly be exacerbated since my new kiln is supposed to hold twice as much as the old one. I will have to go get some lumber to complete that project, though. I got off pretty easy with the table; it was constructed entirely of scrap lumber that I already had on hand. Net cost to me? An hour or so labor.

I guess that is all for now, so here are some random pictures of older work.

Teapot #7553, Cone 6, Sprayed on slips with carving

Satellite Shots, Same as above


  1. Gorgeous photos of some older work...

    While you are on a roll, want to head on over to my place to help get my new studio organized? I've been there 9 months and just can't seem to get my groove back in terms of where things are and the flow of my space!