Friday, January 8, 2010

Paints, not Pots

As luck would have it (I guess it would be luck) we had a bit of snow the past few days. And even though it was only a few inches, school was canceled. People south of the Mason Dixon get kind of stupid about snow. Ok, I may not technically be south of it, but I'm pretty close...close enough that people still get stupid about a couple inches of snow. So now I have some extra time to catch up on this stuff...hooray!

I know I said I was going to keep you all fully appraised of my artistic endeavors over the semester break, but I didn't. I know everyone was dieing to hear about my goings on (note the sarcasm) but I am a world class procrastinator. So here are a few shots of the paintings I have been working on.

This is how far the original painting got. It was universally decided, though, that this did not really fit the motif of the bed room. I did enjoy working on this, though. It was fun playing with texture and layeringSo this was the second attempt. I know, it is really pedestrian, chincy crap, but that is what the sweet wife wanted, so that is what she gets. And it does match the bed room better. It still has a small bit to go, but not much. I did not enjoy working on this one as much; it was more a labor of love.
So that is that. Now I am going to put my extra time to good use and clean up the garagio so I can get back in there, if it is not to cold, that is.


  1. I was totally dying to know what you were up to and f##kin' A your paintings are awesome :) Stay cool man....

  2. Much thanks! This weekend is (hopefully) all studio time. I need to get things straightened out and build a table and some shelves.