Friday, July 10, 2009

One Step Closer to Dinnerware Independence

So lately I have been working on some place settings for my sweet wife. Here is the progress so far. They just came out of the bisque firing earlier this week along with some other fetching items. Ten plates made it through so far. I originally started with twelve, but two of them bit the bullet during trimming. They are not entirely consistent in their shape, but they are pretty close; just a couple that are a little off. I haven't thrown many sets this large, so I am not great at it just yet. I sprayed them with a couple layers of colored slip with a newspaper resist. They will get a coat of clear glaze and will hopefully look like the second picture when they are finished.

These are some vases that I threw a while back but just now got around to firing. They also have slips and glazes sprayed on with some abstract sgraffito work. Like the plates, these will get a coat of clear glaze before heading back to the kiln. And yes, the one on the right is broken. Apparently it did not clear the kiln lid like I thought it had.

And this is one of my favorites out of the batch.
My wife thought the the skunk was kind of foolish, but I liked the idea of pairing somethig that smells bad with something that smells good. I think there will be more skunk vases in the future.