Monday, January 25, 2010

Does it smell like yeast in here to you?

I was going to post this yesterday, but it just got too late. Yesterday was a pretty good day by all accounts. I spent the morning in the kitchen playing with yeast, first making bread (a rather nice whole wheat), then brewing beer (I won't know if that is nice for a while). After lunch it was out to the studio to get some work done. I now have a nice batch of reclaim worked up and ready to throw. I also finished up a few things I started on Saturday.

First we have a couple bowls that got trimmed. There were three to start with. One bit the dust, though, when I failed to realize my Giffin Grip was not on the wheel head properly. Drat! These two I was not entirely thrilled with at first. Not real fond of the wide rim sticking out there. They are beginning to grow on me now, however. I think they will end up as planters after I punch some holes in them and throw some plates to go under them.

And here are some fancy little oval vases. I have been playing around with this idea for a few months or so. One problem I have always had with them was how to handle the seam between the wall and the base. I left it visible on these, but have blended it in on other. Not sure which I like better. Any thoughts?
The little spiral "ears" I have done before; they are probably my favorite addition on these. The lug kind of things on the rim of the one in back don't do much for me. I was somewhat pleased with the feet on the one in front, though. I had not tried these before, and they definitely need some polishing up, but it might be another direction to go.
Now everything is happily drying under plastic and awaiting slip and decoration. And it is time for me to go to bed. Tschus.

-Rob (I decided to start signing my posts...not sure why.)


  1. oh man, i hate it when the giffin grip is on askew and you don't notice. i am a fan of the wide rim... the bowls look great

  2. I love how the 2 (remaining) bowls turned out. I like the wide rim. Sad to hear about the third bowl. I've had that happen before with my Giffin Grip, too. It makes me swear.

  3. Question - do you use a beer kit or start your brew from scratch?

    I'm doing my berry wine from scratch, considering trying a kit to see what the difference is, but wanted an opinion from someone who has used an alcohol making kit before...

  4. Thanks for the comments!
    HHP - Right now I am brewing from kits. They work pretty well for small (5 gallon) batches. The results are much better than the mass produced stuff you would get at the store. I'm not really sure about wine, though, as I have not made any yet. All of the homemade wine I have had (which has been a fair amount) seemed too sweet to me, and as far as I know all that was made from scratch. I've never had any experience with wine kits. There's only one way to find out for sure though.

  5. Thanks Rob! I'm only doing 1-gallon batches (fear of commitment with the last of my berries, I guess)...I think I will try a kit for comparison. I'll let you know what I find out. My wine doesn't smell very sweet so far, and didn't call for much sugar. The blackberries were really tart so I hope that I don't end up with something too sugary.