Friday, September 16, 2011

The Unload

Here are a few quick shots from yesterday.  And I threw a few more things after I took this picture.  Pretty productive, I would say.  Looks like I will be chasing plastic today.

Here are a few shots of the kiln as I was unloading yesterday evening.  A decent firing.  There were some things I really liked, some things that did not work out as well as I hoped.  I will get some more pictures up next week.

Layer 2 (forgot to take a picture of the top shelf)

Layer 3
Layer 4
 I guess that is all for now.  Until later.



  1. Looks, great! I like the lidded boxes.

  2. amigo, thx for the comment earlier--I am giving your response the golden coconuts award so far, for its simpleness and actual adherence to the rules and cleverness :)