Friday, September 9, 2011

I was all by myself...

It is Friday night, the wife is out of town...what to do?  Well, if you are a potter with a bisque kiln firing and a child sleeping in the other room, you sit around drinking hard cider and watching Louis Black.  This guy is freaking hilarious.  He is mostly a political satirist and as far as I can tell he is spot on.  Great stuff.

This past Tuesday I once again attempted a continuing education class at the local community college.  It fekin' sucked.  I had three people pre-register and only two people actually showed up for class.  That is exactly nine people shy of a full class.  It is extremely disheartening to have a class canceled.  As previously stated, it fekin' sucks.

On a lighter note, the bisque kiln is chugging away.  I am really happy with a lot of the stuff that I have in there this go around.  I am anxious to get it glazed and finished up.  I am going to go ahead and use the regular clear glaze that I have been using on this load, I think.  I am, however, planning on testing a few different clear and satin glazes.  I would really like to go in the satin direction if I can find something that works.  I don't know that I really like the super glossy finish that I have now.  The satin finish (I am hoping, anyway) seems more natural; softer, not as harsh.  We will see.  Until then.


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