Monday, October 26, 2009

Productive Weekend

I had a fairly productive weekend in a none pottery sort of way. That is not to say that I did not get any work done in the studio; but I was feeling about as good as a bottle and a half of wine can make you feel when I did. Suprisingly, I came out with a couple things I was pretty happy with.

But my main accomplishment this weekend would have to be "winterizing" the chicken coop. After the involuntary reduction in our flock (6 out of ten turned out to be roosters, which my wife's morning schedule could not abide, another was claimed by probably a racoon) the coop was a bit large for their needs. Therefore the old coop (which unfortunately I do not have a picture of) was torn down and replaced with this.

Granted it is no master work or anything. There is obviously still much to do. I need to add a door, shutters and some roofing material, but they should be much warmer and happier here than in their previous dwelling. At least I hope so.
And here is shot of the girls adapting to their new abode. They can no longer roost in the rafters of the coop, so they claimed the tomato cages that are still in their run.

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