Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kiln-tastrophy; or, I really am quite foolish

Next weekend I am supposed to be participating in a couple of shows around my neck of the woods (southeast MO, southern IL). So like any well prepared individual I was scrambling this past week to get work made, decorated and dried to get a load through the kiln so I would have enough work for both shows. Friday night I got everything decorated with slips & whatnot and loaded the kiln for a bisque fire. Saturday morning the kiln is still firing...Saturday at lunch the kiln is still firing...Saturday after lunch the kiln is still firing. Now this is not a large kiln, mind you; and even though I set it on a slower program, should not have taken anywhere near this long to fire. I do not have any witness cones in there, though, so I cannot really check on its progress. I think to myself, "maybe the elements are just starting to go. It is a pretty old kiln, and I've never had any problems with bisque firing before." I finally decide that even though the kiln sitter has not tripped I will shut it off. Let's take a look at the results, shall we?


Oh doesn't it look great! Full shelves; so much potential!


While it makes for an interesting piece of sculpture, it's not really something I can sell at a craft fair.

The problem? I relied on the kiln sitter to do its job. Much like tigers and tuna fish sandwiches, I am kind of stupid that way.


  1. SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! And the stuff was gorgeous too....

  2. Always the way, isn't it? When you're down to the wire getting ready for a show is when everything decides to not work right.