Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pictures of present...if I had pictures.

I am running one more load through the kiln this week trying to get some Christmas presents done.  I don't want to put any pictures up here, even though I am sure the people they are intended for will never read this.  That and I do not have any pictures of them know. 

In getting enough stuff to fill the kiln I was carving a few things this week.

Rooster crock & large mug.  Both for an order...sort of.
Medium-ish plate with branch/vine thing.
  I ran a bisque load yesterday and unloaded this morning.  I had two plates in there again, loaded on top this time, and there were no fatalities.  Yay.  Everything is waiting to to be glazed and fired as I type.  It should get run through tonight, so pictures next week.

And here is a picture of my recent studio visitor.
I saw him running around the garage (aka my studio) on Monday.  He got pretty bold, sneaking out from under my work table and coming up right behind my dog before running away.  I haven't seen him in a couple days, though, so I don't know if the dogs scared him off or what.

And finally, some not very exciting news, but still kind of cool.  I got my first sale on Etsy last week.  Payment received, cup delivered, everything went smoothly.  So...there's that.  Ok, Christmas present and other pictures next week.  Until then.

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios


  1. or what: dog ate him??? AWESOME carving work amigo :)

  2. One of my dogs liked to eat mice. Most people think cats, but dogs like them too. My dog would shake them and swallow them whole. And then sometimes vomit them back up. That was gross.

  3. I don't think they ate him. They did not appear to be having much luck tracking him down Monday. Although Daisy did catch a mouse that was hanging out around the chicken coop. I don't think she threw it up though.

  4. I have also occasionally had mice in my studio. Sadly, they have rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. They are ex-mice.
    I can Monty-Python on about it, but it actually does make me feel sad for the mice. If they'd only stay in the cellar! The cats can't get down there.
    Really loving the branch/vine thing plate. Can't wait to see it finished.