Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I got those paper, business, computer work blues

I have been stuck doing paper/computer work for the past two days.  I don't exactly hate it, but it is definitely not my forte.  I have gotten a few things done, though.  Updated my mailing list after the show last weekend (not a bad show!), messed with tax stuff, and unfortunately got signed up on the facebook.

Now the facebook was not really my decision.  My wife was messing on her facebook and the following conversation ensued.
Wife: I'm going to sign you up for facebook.
Me: Don't do that.
Wife: But you need to have a page for your business.
Me: Really, don't do that.
Wife: I'm signing you up.
Me: Ugh.

So now I am on the facebook.  From what I have seen on there so far it is largely just a waste of time.  Perhaps I will be able to utilize it better in the future, but I'm not counting on it.  If you should want to hook up with me on the facebook...well I really don't know how you would do that.  Search for Rob Lorenz or something I guess.  I will probably be on there even less than I am on my blog and such though.

On a more productive note, I finally got some stuff posted on my Etsy page.  I am really just starting to get into this and, as many people have said before, it is quite time consuming.  Taking pictures, editing pictures, writing descriptions, posting, etc.  I only have a few of them up right now; if you want to check them out just click on the pictures below.  I should be getting more stuff up there over the next couple weeks.

For those of you who are more versed in the world of Etsy, how do you work your Etsy inventory?  Do you make stuff specifically for posting on Etsy?  Do you just take the stuff off your Etsy shop when you take it to a show?  Any help or general input on the subject would be much appreciated.

Now to get back to some more tactile work, I actaully get to get back into the studio today.  I'm trying to get another load through before the 18th.  We'll see if that happens.  Until later.


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  1. I post stuff onto etsy randomly :) Listen, I am one of your biggest fans amigo, just LOVE what I see here. You can submit your skull piece picture to skull a day, a HUGE blog that will get you some attn. I did with skull pieces and it took a few weeks, but a lot of nice new people came along. Link below. Also, I am gonna find you on FB :)