Saturday, November 19, 2011

Episode 423

MST3K 423 - Bride of the Monster: Mad scientist Dr. Eric Vornoff (Bela Lugosi) lives in a remote swampy area attempting to create an army of atomic supermen in his lab with the help of his mutant assistant Lobo (Tor Johnson). He performs Frankenstein experiments on intruders, takes revenge on his critic, and feeds his enemies to a pond-dwelling octopus.

This past week has been a decorating week.  That is by far the longest part of my making cycle.  Finding the right image for the piece, transferring the design then carving everything.  Sgraffito is a very laborious process.   It is also very gratifying though, finally seeing what you had in mind realized. 

Here are a few quick shots of the work in progress.  I am working toward a bisque firing next Wednesday, right before Thanksgiving.  I have a show at SIU coming up the first weekend in December.  I should be able to get one, maybe two glaze loads through before then.

Some I liked pretty well; some were just ok and some were duds.  I suppose that is how it goes, though.  I never really have a clear picture of what a design is ultimately going to look like until I see it on a piece.  Thus some designs I try and they just don't work.  Oh well.

Still quite a bit to decorate in the next couple days, starting with these wine sets.

And finally, a handful of platters that I was working on before.  I have come to find that platters take quite a while to dry.  They finally got there though, so I could trim and finish them.  I am by no means an expert platter maker, but I think these turned out pretty well.  We'll see how they look with some decoration on them.  Until then.



  1. Quite a lot of nice work there and the decos too can't wait to see them after firing.