Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Studio Saga 4: On the Fence

Two thoughts on teaching classes today.
First of all, I have come to the conclusion that I really only want to teach clay classes. I am currently teaching three summer classes for middle/high school kids; one ceramics class and two that are more arts & crafts kind of things. In the ceramics class I have not had a single problem. I just put the clay out there, show them a couple things and the kids work for the full two hours. In the other classes, though, it is exceedingly difficult to keep the students focused on the projects. Work that should take them at least an hour to finish gets slopped through in 20 minutes...ugh.
Secondly, the continuing education class I am teaching had its first meeting last night. Initially I was worried because only three people had preregistered for the class; we need 10 for the class to carry. Last night we had five people show up, so now...(multiply by four, carry the three, subtract the square root of x...), ok now I am still worried. It is still on the fence. All the ladies in class agreed to harass their friends and family to get a few more people in next week. I will again be hitting up my (very small) circle of influence to see if I can scare up a few more students. If we can get eight people we might have a fighting chance. Next week is the last week for registration, though; if we don't get it by then we are out.
So if anyone is in the Southern Illinois area, or knows someone in the area who might enjoy taking a handbuilding class, please send them my way. Who knows; if someone shows up with a reference from one of you fine folks, a mug or something just might find its way into the mail. That's right, I am bribing you all...please accept if at all possible.
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