Thursday, November 18, 2010

Studio Saga Vol. 2b: Naming Rights

In a previous post I solicited suggestions for a new name for the studio. Thanks for all of your input! Pretty much everyone agreed that Simple Circle Pottery was first pick. I was kind of leaning in this direction anyway, once again proving that I am the smartest man alive. Please notify my wife.

Anyway, I had mentioned that there may perhaps be a reward for name suggestions, but since I went with my own suggestion a winner had to be chosen in another manner...random number generation. The very scientific random number generation went as follows.

Rob - Pick an number between one and seven.
Alicia - Why?
Rob - Because I asked you to.
Alicia - I would rather know what I am picking.
Rob - Why?
Alicia - Because I need to know whether or not what I am picking is important.
Rob - Please just pick a number...I'll do the dishes!
Alicia - (looks at Rob scornfully) You have to do the dishes anyway.
Rob - But I won't do the dishes if you don't pick a number.
Alicia - (looks at Rob even more scornfully) Yes you will.
Rob - (frowns sheepishly) I know.
Alicia - O.k. I'll pick a number if you clean the whole house this weekend...
Rob - (grimaces) ...fine.
Alicia - ...including the showers...
Rob - SIGH...including the showers...
Alicia - ...and you have to give me a back rub tonight.
Rob - FINE! Just please pick a number...
Alicia - Can I change my answer if I don't like what I picked?
Rob - I suppose so.
Alicia - Fine...5. Now what was I picking?
Rob - A random number for my blog.
Alicia - Hmm. (goes back to reading her baby book)
(Note: Things in blue may not have actually happened.)

And thus the random number was chosen. The fifth comment on that post was by...Gary Rith! So if Mr. Rith would be so kind as to send me his mailing address I can ship out his prize (pictured below) post haste!

I guess that is all for now. More to follow as things progress. Thanks to everyone for following along!



  1. In the interest of continued marital bliss and harmony, in the future you can go here

    to generate a random number. No household chores required!

  2. F#%KIN' A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ROB!!!!! Thanks Alicia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is an impossibly beautiful cup, I am HONORED. Smoochsmoochsmooch, hogs and kisses to all of you.
    Gary Rith, PO Box 429, Etna, NY 13062 :)

  3. Grats Gary! I am so jealous! It is a very beautiful cup!

  4. pretty funny rob... i have an alicia here at my house, her name is alicia. nice cup, lucky gary