Monday, October 25, 2010

Studio Saga: Vol. 2

I believe the studio is going to be registered as an LLC. From my limited knowledge of business, this would probably be the safest route. If you have an opposing opinion, please share it. Those of you with businesses, what are they registered as and why did you choose to do it that way?

In any case, in order to register as an official business we will need a name to register as. I have been going by the moniker "Simple Circle Studios," but my wife (heretofore known as "Alicia") thought it might be better to have something with the word pottery in it to make it easier to identify what the studio does. I tend to agree with her. Since I do not really have much of a business presence built up I don't think changing names will make much of a difference. Thus we have been brainstorming lately to come up with a different name for the studio. So far we have come up with the following...

Mud Chucker Pottery
Chestnut Pottery (pending on the acquisition of a specific property)
Simple Circle Pottery
S.C.S. Pottery (Simple Circle Studios Pottery)
Rockwood Pottery

I know there have been more but I can't remember them at the present. I like Mud Chucker, but Alicia thinks that name would be too coarse for my style of work and might scare people off...I don't agree. Chestnut is the name of a cafe we are looking at for a possible studio space, so that one would depend on getting that building. Simple Circle Pottery would be pretty easy, as would S.C.S. Pottery, especially as I already have stuff set up as Simple Circle Studios or some variation there of. Rockwood has no meaning whatsoever; Alicia just thought it sounded nice.

Now your job, faithful reader, is to assist in the naming of the new studio. Give me your opinions of the present options and let me hear your suggestions for names. Alicia and I will sift through them all and if we pick yours (ala Ron Philbeck), perhaps I might be able to find a little something as a token of our appreciation. Let's hear those names!

And so there is at least one picture in this post...

This fine piece of work is a mug I recently purchased from Brandon Phillips during his Etsy cup sale. It has a great gestural movement and a knockout handle; not to mention the wood fired surface. Perfect for a cup of coffee or some freshly pressed apple cider with just a pinch of whiskey.

Ok, I have bread to finish and a kitchen to clean. Remember, send in those name suggestions and you may be handsomely rewarded! Until then...



  1. I vote for simple circle pottery, it has a good ring to it!

    S.C.S. pottery is ok also

    mud chucker makes me laugh ...

  2. I vote for Simple Circle Pottery too. Although, if you went with Simple Circle Studios then you are open for other types of work. You can always include a tag line so people will know you work in clay.

  3. I like the idea of keeping the name you have, thus Simple Circle Pottery gets my vote.

  4. I'd go with either Simple Circle Pottery, or Rob Lorenz Pottery, since you already have Rob Lorenz Art.

  5. Yeah, keep simple circle :) I have been in business a long time and I am not registered or LLC or anything, just plain ole me, and I will nervously remain so :)
    I listen to the things you are doing, and you sure are a lot like me, dang, the bread, the life, the rest. Best wishes amigo, too bad you live 1000 miles away :)

  6. glad the mug made it and that you like it! I'd stick with simple circle, it's gotta nice ring to it.

  7. Simple Circle Pottery. I personally was attracted to the name when I followed your blog. I later learned to appreciate the effort and work you put into your pottery. Not as simple as I once thought. lol It makes your pottery seem like it is for the "regular people" not only for the "artsy". Function and beauty it's that simple :)