Friday, August 31, 2012

AFQotD, random notes and financial cuisine...

I was going to put a little review type thing on here about the show I did last weekend in Fairview Heights, IL, but it is getting kind of late.  Therefore, in the interest of brevity, I will simply transcribe the hand full of notes I scribbled down during the show.  These come to you more or less as I originally thought them.

  •  Art Fair Quote of the day #1: two 20-something women
               "Hey Lindsey, there's a butter dish!"
               (What in the world could have transpired that would make the sight of a butter dish so funny?)
  • All the tent poles, stakes and ropes make it feel like we are on display at some sort of circus or people zoo or something.
  • A little bit of wiggle room between tents would be nice.  They practically have us stacked on top of each other.  Twice already I have knocked paintings off the wall in the booth next to me by bumping into their display.
  • Have you ever seen someone so tall you thought to yourself, "What the hell happened to that guy?"
  • I have had a number of people give my work the stink eye already.
  • Art Fair Quote of the Day #2:  Mother & 4-5 year old daughter
               "No no, don't touch Gabby"
               "You touched!"
  •  Art Fair Quote of the Day #3:  3 year old boy
               "Follow Simon!  He knows where the didgeridoos are!"
  • I don't make pretty pots
  • I think I have the most expensive mugs at the show.  The average looks to be about $30.  My average is closer to $40.
  • It is slow like something that is really slow.
  • I think it is funny when parents dress their kids so the whole family matches.  I can understand if it is for family pictures, but I don't think these folks were having family pictures taken.  "I still think there's too much green..."  "I told you, it's a motif!"
  • I love it when people give me lengthy, unsolicited advice about what I need to change on my pots to make them better.  Excuse me sir, but...go away!
  • There are just shy of three hours left for this show and the crowds (and I use the word "crowds"
    in the very loosest sense of the word) are pretty much gone.
  • I love it (really) when people smile, or even better, when they laugh at my work.  Sometimes I laugh when I am making it.
Overall it was a very well organized show, just not very profitable.  Depending on how I decide to cook the books, I covered expenses.

And so this post is not completely devoid of pictures...
...a custom platter for my wife.  She has been wanting me to make a name, wedding, anniversary, whatever you want to call it platter for a while now.  Partly because she wants one to hang on the wall, but mostly because she wants me to hock them as a "custom order" item at shows and such.  Either way we were both pretty happy with how it turned out.

Up next...Timmy Tabasco! 
(I know I said that last time, but this time I mean it...but it will not be for another week and a half as I will be gone all next week.  I know you are all waiting on pins and needles to find out what "Timmy Tabasco" is, but keep your pants on.  You will find out soon enough...and you will undoubtedly be exceedingly disappointed when you do.)

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  1. Laughed hysterically at your notes! Honestly, funniest thing I have seen all day.

    My favorite - "love it when people give me lengthy, unsolicited advice about what I need to change on my pots to make them better." This is the whole reason I want to give up after every pottery show or craft fair. But I always go back. Sigh.