Tuesday, April 24, 2012

He lives in a hobbit-hole and everybody knows...

Mr. T, of course.
Now, a brief recap of the Dogwood and Azalea Festival in Charleston, MO. (the show I was at this past weekend)....It was not great. I think it was just the wrong market. It was more of a county fair kind of thing rather than an art fair. There was a lot of crafty stuff and imported buy/sell stuff being sold on the cheap, so $20+ pottery was not as sought after. Fine for what it was, but apparently not the place to hock my wares.

On top of that, the weather was terrible. It rained pretty much all day Friday. Saturday it did not rain, but it was still windy and cold. Sunday started off a little warmer, but ended up getting chilly again and raining on and off all day. Suck.

One the plus side I did get to try out my new truck camper. It was acquired last week so I could camp instead of getting a hotel, drastically reducing my overall show expenses. It has already paid for itself, so good deal there.
Here is a picture of my little hobbit hole. You may notice that the back window is taped up and held closed with a ratchet strap. Yes, the camper needs a little work, but it served its purpose so far and will not be difficult to fix up.

On another note, I had an official logo made up for the studio. I think it fits the bill pretty well.
I know, I know..."You're and artist, why didn't you just make your own logo?"  While I have drawn logo designs in the past, I am not a computer person and do not know how to format it to use on a website, business cards, etc.  Since drawing a logo directly onto my computer screen just doesn't work and drawing a logo on each business card would be very inefficient, I decided to go the professional route.  My new logo was designed by Sharon Reynolds Haege.  You can check out her website here.

Speaking of business cards, I just had some made featuring the new logo. Hopefully they will be finished in time for the show this coming weekend in St. Charles, MO. The St. Charles show (7th Annual Spring Art Walk) is in a much more affluent neighborhood and just features artists. No imported buy/sell stuff, no Ferris wheels or corndog stands...I have much higher hopes for this weekend. Now I just have to make sure my display is up to snuff.
Up next…the Yeti.


  1. Ah, Rob, dang, so tough to find fairs, I know. I have never gone very far for a fair myself, but perhaps the thing to do is travel to Florida fairs in wonter, when our weather sux :)

  2. Yeah, I am still working through all that art fair stuff, Gary. I am looking for fairs within 4 hours or less from home. We'll see how everything goes. Florida might be nice, but then I would miss out on all the crappy weather...wait...yeah, Florida would be nice.

    Julia, thanks, but unfortunately I can take no credit for it. I just got the cd with all the official files & such today so the website and such may be getting a makeover soon.