Friday, January 20, 2012

Selling Out, or Just Plain Selling

Today I went ahead and signed up for a table/booth for the Valentines day sale at SIUC.  (Not a great website, but it gives you the basics I guess.)  It is not a very big thing; it only looked like 15-20 people had signed up so far.  I figured I didn't have anything going on in February though, so I would go ahead and give it a shot.

I needed to get some new stuff done for a wholesale thing before February so I went ahead and made some stuff for the Valentines day sale too.  Now at first I was not too fond the whole kitchy, make things for specific holidays thing.  I had mixed feelings about making stuff specifically for this show, but I did it anyway...sort of.

Not exactly your run of the mill hearts and such, but sort of fits the whole Valentine's day thing...sort of.

I started writing some sort of diatribe about selling out by making stuff you wouldn't normally make for the holidays.  As I was working on it, though, it got kind of convoluted and messy, so instead I will just refer you to a previous post on Ron Philbeck's blog about making Christmas ornaments.  There is some good discussion on there about the perceived pottery class system and making what you enjoy making vs. making schlock to turn a quick buck.  If you haven't read it yet, check it out.

As far as the stuff for the Valentine's day sale, I don't think it falls into the schlock category.  I really enjoyed making (most) of the things I made.  That anatomical heart and the robots will definitely be coming back in the future.  And that was the general consensus on Ron's blog: if you enjoy making it, who gives a shite what other people say about it.

So what is the next holiday, St. Patrick's day?  I think I can work with that.  Until then...

-Rob, simple Circle Studios


  1. I have to tell you, I LOVE your take on Valentine's day goods. Especially the skull hearts. I mean, I'm sitting in my kitchen, looking around, trying to decide on a purpose for one just so I can justify my getting something with that design on it. I think they are awesome!

  2. jeez Rob, why don't you guys live on my street so we can be sitting there Friday evening, clinking bottles and comparing notes: I do the same---I get all mad, in theory, about holiday stuff, but then make it my own idea--and I am currently having some fun with Valentine's stuff too :) cheers my man, and keep up the good work

  3. You make wonderful pieces of art!!

  4. oh my, you are incredibly talented. I live on Vancouver Island and to go anywhere one must take a ferryboat. At the terminal, in the summers, there's exhibits of potters and craftspersons showing their wares. I've always wanted to go up and purchase a whole set of their amazingly beautiful work. Your work reminds me of warm summers perusing talented artists.
    Jenn from, hopping from Artists in Blogland.
    (newest follower)

  5. Perfect gift for valentines! pottery is an amazing talent

  6. Thanks all. I am looking forward to see how this stuff goes over at a show.
    And Gary, yes that would be a blast if we lived down the way. Of course I would freeze within a week of moving that far north.