Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This killing time is killing me

I have been meaning to post on here for the past week and a half, but it seems like something always gets in the way. Just now I stopped writing this for a few minutes to jot down a strange dream I had this morning (it was about a wombat that was the size of a hampster). See? It is always something. Then last night, after putting off the blog for yet another day, I was thinking; it is not really the typing and posting that takes a lot of time. Even editing and posting pictures does take that long. It is composing the posts that is a bit time consuming. This led to the realization that while I may not have a lot of time in the evenings, I do have quite a bit of time during the day when I could get my thoughts down. Being a hall monitor in a high school is not the most difficult job in the world. My day consists of writing passes for visitors, signing people into the building, checking hall passes and ocassionally breaking up a fight. (It is actually quite sad that a full time hall monitor position is needed to begin with, but that is a completely different subject.) This leaves me with large-ish blocks of time with little to do. I usually use that time to work in my sketch book or stare mindlessly out the door. I think I will start using my door staring time to compose blog posts (I wrote this post this morning and I am posting it during my lunch break!). Then maybe I can post on a more regular basis and perhaps more frequently! Aren't you readers out there in the inter-web lucky?


  1. I love what you have to say, what you are making, what is going on :)

  2. Writing down your dreams is pretty wild. I did that for a while after I heard David Wilcock talk about keeping a dream journal. The theory is that if you make an effort to be conscious of your dreams, you can develop the ability to dream lucidly. From there, it's a short jump to exploring the notion of dreamscape as extra-dimensional reality rather than mental delusion. Trippy stuff. Anyway, I hear you about trying to make time for posting on my blog. The kicker is that the longer I go between posts, the harder it seems to be to come up with stuff. At least I have the luxury of a 3 person following, so if I procrastinate, no one really gets upset. Whatever. Keep knockin' it out.

  3. I've been having some wild dreams myself lately, cosmic sort of things; lucky for me I can type much faster than I can write with a pen or pencil, so posting doesn't take me much time.