Monday, July 12, 2010

Sometimes I make a Slug

I do not usually make much sculptural work; mainly because it it more time consuming than my functional stuff and it does not sell. I have, however, made a few small sculptures here and there, mostly as demonstrations for classes. This one was actually an experiment with some paper clay that turned into a project for a class.

Slug Man #1

He is small (only about four inches tall) and made from a pinch pot with additions. In the summer classes that I recently taught I had the kids make something similar, but with beads inside so they rattled. This is obviously not a groundbreaking project for a beginning clay class, but the students seemed to enjoy it. Here are a couple of the examples I made for the class...

Slug Man #2

Sorry it is not a great picture. It was taken as he was sitting on a shelf in the bathroom.

Slug Man #3

His arm was severed in a tragic gardening accident. Surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday...or whenever he comes out of the kiln.

And here are a couple of examples of what the students came up with. In addition to unicorns we had turtles, cakes, dragons and a bizarre five-faced volcano monster. These two are actually in my studio right now waiting for a glaze firing. They were the only two that I could not fit in the kiln at school.
And finally, all this example making got me going to do a little more sculpture work on my own. These slug men were made Friday. Although the original slug man was not a rattle, I kind of liked the idea, so these fellows double up as musical instruments.

And on a completely unrelated note, this morning I took a test to be eligible for a job as a fire fighter in Carbondale. The written portion was this morning; this afternoon I have to go take the physical portion. If I pass those two I will be interviewed to see if I would be suitable as a fire fighter. Unfortunately this does not mean I will be offered a job or even that there is a job available. The city is required to test every two years to compile a list of possible applicants. Then, if by chance there would be an opening on the department (which does not happen often) all they have to do is go to the list. You cannot even be considered if you are not on the list. Thus, even though there are not any openings at this time, and there are not likely to be any any time soon, a testing I will go. That's all for now. Tschus.


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