Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Motor-scooter Part 2

Since I know everyone has been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see what the results are, I present to you...the bike! Oscar (the bike's name is Oscar, the truck behind him is Rudy) was recently stripped of his factory finish and given a new paint job. He doesn't look too bad with the side panels and everything on there. Honestly, though, I liked it better when the tank was down to the bare metal. Oh well.
I also put on a new drive chain before taking him out on the road. That improved the performance quite a bit. The next step is to take a trip up to St. Louis and talk my younger brother into helping me clean the carburetors.

I have been working on some bowls that will become batter bowls in the near future. I threw a couple tonight, but neglected to bring the camera out, so no pictures yet (I just love keeping everyone waiting, it's how I make sure you all come back). Luckily we have off school this Friday for Easter break, so I will be able to get down to it for two full days before family stuff on Sunday.
Oh! And would you like to hear something funny? Not really laugh out loud funny, but more of a hit yourself in the head with a hammer funny. I was disappointed, but not surprised at not being able to go to NCECA. I especially wanted to go to the Making Through Living, Living Through Making pre-conference, so I was very excited to learn that they would be streaming it live on the web. I still had to work, but figured I could catch a little bit of it during lunch and such. When lunch rolled around I got my pb&j and hunkered down in the break/conference room ready for some good time pottery fun. I log on to the computer, find the web site and boom; there's the video! Sweet! Now I can enjoy a cool 30 minutes away from the kiddos watching some great potters do their thing. After a second though, I notice there is a problem...the computer doesn't have any sound! Sure I can see the great things they are doing, but when they stop to answer a question or explain something I cannot hear all the great things they are saying. Once again my plans are foiled...

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  1. hey rob... the bike is looking fine. if you're interested, send me your email and i'll send you a pic of the bike my friend just got that he's gonna refurbish