Monday, September 5, 2011

Scratchy scratchy

Here are a few pictures of the stuff I have been working on lately. All of this stuff was thrown quite a while ago, but I have just recently gotten around to decorating them.

Bank with lid (the money slot is on the other side)

Oval flower vase brick thing
I really enjoy making these vase things, but I don't know that they function really well on their own. You would either need to put a lot of flowers in there or use one of those green foam flower block things. Perhaps a lid with holes in it?

Salt and pepper keys
These have a hole in the bottom for a stopper. I got a bunch of them a while back, but they do not work like I thought they would. They do not stay in the holes very well. Now I have 90-something sub-par stoppers. Suck.

Small round jar with leaf pattern
I am happy with this jar...except for the fact that the lid has no knob. I plan on epoxying some sort of knob on it after it is done, but I am not sure what.

Lidded bank and squared vase.
Two rather different styles of decoration. I really dig the realistic stuff, but it takes quite a while to do.

I am getting a little burnt out on carving, though. Or at least my hands are. I am going to have to try working in smaller cycles. I am also going to have to do some reformulation of my slip, I think. It is not very durable in the green state and frequently smudges or scratches while I am carving. It may also have something to do with spraying it on instead of brushing or dipping.


  1. Your ceramics are lovely. The white designs are elegant and striking. Beautiful work.

  2. Thanks. I actually have some pictures of the finished pieces that I have been meaning to post. Some turned out; some didn't.