Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh happy day!

'Tis indeed a happy day. Why? The reasons are two fold. A: School is out for Christmas break starting today. I do not have to return to dealing with 17 year olds that act like 7 year olds for two full weeks. 2: My kiln was hooked up today! Since I was home today instead of at school my wife's cousin dropped by to do his electrician thing. Everything went astoundingly smooth and I now have a fully functional L&L beauty in the corner of my studio. And later I get to go to a party...I guess that makes three good things about today.

And for those of you who like to look at pictures...Here are a couple gorgeous tea bowls I purchased recently from Southern Clay Works (the faculty and grad students at SIUC).

This picture doesn't really do them justice. The one of the left hold a tidy 6 oz and is perfect for that nightcap to wind things down at the end of a long day. Great hand feel, not too heavy but sturdy enough to be functional. The one on the right I have not used yet. Technically it is a Christmas present from the sweet wife and I am not allowed to use it until the 25th.
And what did I get the wife in return for such a great gift? Behold!

I guess it doesn't look like much now, but then again it isn't finished yet. I will post the progress on here as I get more of it done. She knows she is getting a painting (in fact, she demanded it), but I am still going to try to keep it somewhat secret. "But Rob, how will you keep it secret if you are posting pictures of the painting on your blog?!" Well, aside from when I first set it up and showed my wife, I don't think she has ever read my no worries!